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Con nuestro curso de Ableton Live Suite 10, aprenderás desde los conceptos más básicos del DAW, hasta como realizar un Premaster o un Master de tus producciones. 
Ableton Live, es probablemente el Software de producción musical más intuitivo, cómodo y flexible, usado por gran parte de los mejores productores del mundo en todos los estilos musicales.
Dale la seriedad que se merece a tu carrera musical, la producción es el camino al éxito.

Empieza con todo lo necesario:

Con el curso de Producción musical con Ableton Live 10, te regalamos un teclado controlador Midi ARTURIA MINILAB MK2 con la versión Lite de Ableton Live Gratuita.


Todas las clases son individuales, cada alumno es único y tiene una curva de aprendizaje distinta. Queremos darte la atención adecuada a tus necesidades.

El entorno del curso es ONLINE, el profesor se conectará a tu equipo de forma remota, para poder controlar tu ordenador e ir explicándote paso a paso todas las puntos del temario.

Vuelve a ver tus clases tantas veces como quieras

Todas nuestras clases contigo se graban en la nube, una vez finalizada, podrás repasarla una y otra vez, para terminar de pulir todo los conceptos que se han impartido.


No se requiere experiencia previa. Se requiere una version de Ableton Live. Recomendamos actualizar a la versión SUITE lo antes posible para completar el curso en toda su extensión de manera satisfactoria.


The MotorKlass Beginner to intermediate with Ableton Live 10.1 (15h)

This program is made for beginners, our first step with Ableton Live 10.1, from installation to creating our first track. In this program we will cover the basics you need to know and apply
Up to quick DIY mastering.

1. Getting set up with Ableton Live 10.1:

How to install Live
How to set up your mac and system preferences to optimize and enhance your experience with Ableton Live 10.1
Sound card set up within the OSX environment
Setting preferences and sound cards within Ableton Live 10.1.
Navigation within Ableton Live 10.1
All the Downloadable content
Checking Session and arrangement view
The mixer, group tracks, sends and returns
The browser
Routing and monitoring
Understanding midi and audio (used of sample library for example)
Creating a beat in few minutes with sample library
Saving project and management file

2. Getting a proper workflow

Exploring session window
Zooming in arrangement view
Computer keyboard as midi
Pencil enter midi
Intro to clip
The piano roll
How to write midi information
Recording midi
Getting to know the tools
Working with Cycle
keys commands

3. Making techno, Urban, Psy trance, EDm, (per choice of the students) with Abelton Live 10.1

Exploring drum rack
Understanding basic groove and rhythm
Basic music theory: BPM, Bars and beats
Music sheet, scales, and chords for modern music
Creating our first kick “four to the floor” (basic concept of sampling)
Creating sub and working with reverb
Getting to know Bounce/render in place to design our sound further
Sampling introduction, using sample presets
Writing snare, clap, percussions, hit hat and loops,
Discovering Max for Live

4. Working with Midi

Recording our first midi clip
Converting midi to audio
Understanding velocity, working with velocity
Using of midi fx: Arpeggiator, chord trigger, modulator, random…
Editing midi clip
Creating our First chord progression
Creating our first melody
Creating bass from chords
Mastering quantization, configuring the grid
Applying groove template
Step sequencer and probabilities with Max for live
Conforming midi to scale
Divide or multiple time withing midi clip
Working with external devices
Multi clip editing

5. Working with audio

Resampling technics
Audio editing
Warping modes
recording into arrangement
Working with Automation to build up tension and creating motion
Freezing and resampling
Setting up recording
Recording a piece of your own voice (with mac input)
Recording any sound around you in the studio with smart phone
Transferring recorded file to Ableton live 10.1
Manipulating audio recorded for sound design texture and landscape
Fade in and out, transpose the audio recording
Using dummy clip to trigger event
Warping advanced technics
Re pitching audio for new ideas
Converting audio to midi
Slice to midi

6. Working with plug-ins

Exploring native Ableton live plug-ins in depth
Working with max plug-ins
Creating chain plug-ins
Saving chain
Creating instrument rack and saving chain
Parallel plug-ins chain processing
Chain Arps together
Multiple LFO’s to modulate and create more life to your sounds and mixes
Creating and using macros
Key mapping and midi mapping

7. Basic of Synthesis

Discovering the world of synthesis through Ableton live 10.1 tool set of soft synths
Understanding basics of Subtractive synthesis
Creating riff, stab, pluck, pads, chords sounds with Ableton live 10.1 native soft synths
Designing further our leads and sounds fx with modulation reverbs and delays
Building up arrangement towards the end of the track
Using automation to give life to our track
Advance sampling technics

8. Approach to final production, arrangement and mixing

Arrangement technics
Moving from session view to arrangement view
Moving from arrangement to session view
Mixing concept and technics

Mixing with volume and panoramic
Used of Eq (what are they and a bit of history)
Dynamic eq, M/S eq
The world of dynamics, working with compressors, limiters, expanders, multiband
How to create side chain technics
Managing dynamic of sounds and instruments
What is New York compression how and why to apply to every type of processing effect.
Saturation and distortion to enhance the mix
Creating space and stereo width in your mix

9. Towards mixing and mastering

What is mastering
How to set the levels right, explanation dB peak and RMS
What are all the format requirement and needed for the market in 2020
Stem mixing Vs Stereo mastering
Getting our levels right for export
Managing file and organization to hand your file to a master engineer

10. Mastering in the box (digital) Vs Analog Mastering

What are the plug-ins best to use?
Analysis of the classic plug-ins chain for mastering
Understanding saturation in mastering
Creating mastering template

11. Final mastering ready to play

Mastering our track
Compare with reference
Setting the level for digital platform export
Neuromotor is Frederick Talaa, one of the pioneers of the Global Psychedelic Dance Music
scene with over 20 years of making people groove and move. A high energy force that has been consistent in making waves, Neuromotor has recently carved dance floor smashing sonic stories for some of the major psychedelic trance labels including Nano Records & Fractal Records. A classically trained musician, his multiple releases in the past, for the
industry’s most proficient underground labels from Peak Records and Paradiso Records to
Future Audio and Bom Shanka Music showcases his diversity of redefining the psychedelic
dance-floor. His first album “Neuro Damage” released on the legendary techno-trance label
Acidance Records in 1999 and sold around 50,000 copies and with that turbo energy, in
2001, he started his own label called Mechanic Records. Having created a powerful foundation in his musical thoughts, ideas and directions, Neuromotor continues to experiment with the trance dance music experience through the numerous singles, special collabs, eps & remixes planned for future release.


Oferta especial “LANZAMIENTO” + ARTURIA MINILAB MK2 de Regalo.                          

HORARIO: de 9 a 14h de Lunes a Vienes

Forma de pago:
Transferencia / Tarjeta / Financiación 3,6 y 9 Meses.



Financiación a 3,6 o 9 meses
*plazas limitadas
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